“…a thoughtfully crafted exploration of our past.”



Breakfast at the Exit Café (with Merilyn Simonds)

“Whether it’s a sign of a symbiotic marriage or of seasoned writers crafting a seamless travel collage, the narrative…flows as easily as a new car on an empty highway.”



The Great Lakes: The Natural History of a Changing Region

“This captivating tribute to the Great Lakes region is also an essential guide to the challenge of preserving the natural world.”




Bringing Back the Dodo: Lessons in Natural and Unnatural History

“Grady’s prose is engaging and provides not only a natural history primer for readers but a devoutly humanist and literary approach…”



Tree: A Life Story (with David Suzuki)

“…in observing the tree’s fascinating interactions with the organisms around it, both near and very far away, we come to understand a lot more about our own place within this system, as stewards of nature.”



The Bone Museum: Travels in the Lost Worlds of Dinosaurs and Birds 

“Like the American writer and essayist John McPhee, Grady writes elegantly and insightfully about interesting people.”




Chasing the Chinook: On the Trail of Canadian Words and Culture

“Grady has brought his stunning breadth of knowledge to bear on an odd selection of 41 words and expressions…with a fresh sense of curiosity, and the end product is a really great collection of essays”



The Quiet Limit of the World: A Journey to the North Pole to Investigate Global Warming

“…a wide-ranging look at the Arctic from an environmental perspective, with a good dash of adventure travel thrown in.”

“It’s like reading a scientific mystery novel – a whodunit to our planet.”


Vulture: Nature’s Ghastly Gourmet

“…a celebration of the beauty of a much-misunderstood group of birds.”




Toronto the Wild: Field Notes of an Urban Naturalist

“…an enchanting, almost magical, re-writing of what the city is all about.”




The Nature of Coyotes 

“Those who already know and appreciate coyotes will be enthralled – so will be many who have never met one.”




Greenhome: Planning and Building the Environmentally Advanced House                  

 “…a friendly book, full of colour and unexpected humour.”




The Dinosaur Project: The Story of the Greatest Dinosaur Hunt Ever Mounted 

“…a fascinating tale of adventure and Canadian achievement, a compelling travelogue, and an intriguing look at cultural conflict…. This book tries to be many things, and to Grady’s credit, it succeeds at them all.”

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